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Meat Tenderize Powder

Meat Tenderize Powder


Color White
Form Powder
Product Storage Room temperature Minimum shelf life 1 year( Avoid Direct Sunlight
Product Dosing Dose 1 teaspoon per pound of meat
Packaging Pouches in HDPE drums; Customized packed pouches in 25 Kg HDPE drums
Usage Tenderizing

We as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Meat Tenderize Powder are catering to industrial needs for years. Meat Tenderize Powder, we deal in, is used for softening the meat. Meat Tenderizer is made of Papain and Bromelain that make the meat soft and easy to digest. The powder is to be sprinkled on the meat to work its magic in minutes.  We, at our high tech facility ensure that our product complies with the norms and standards set by the industry.

How Does Meat Tenderize Powder Work?
It is about basic biochemistry to beat and soften hardest meats. Meat tenderizer works by breaking down the bonds between the cells of a piece of meat on a chemical level. Enzymatic meat tenderizers are made of Papain and Bromelain, which work synergistic-ally to give the tenderizing effect both are of plant origin and are proteolytic Enzymes called proteases. These enzymes break down the peptide bonds between the amino acids found in complex proteins. Their collective action makes the meat softer, since one of the main things holding meat together is the complex protein called as collagen, is broken down. Thus, the final preparation is easily digested. Meat Tenderizer is sprinkled on uncooked meat, they can soften it within minutes, and it can be used both in marinades and independently.

Benefits :

  • Tenderizing meat can make it softer and improve its texture.
  • It also makes it easier to cut and can often cut cooking time.
  • Additionally, it may be necessary for some recipes that call for meat to be all one thickness, and can ensure that meat cooks evenly.

Application :
Meat Tenderize Powder is an advance enzyme formulation, Combine the tenderizing powder with a seasoning or marinade of your choice. For example, if you were going to put salt and pepper on your steak, first combine the tenderizing powder with the salt and pepper before you apply it to the steak. Meat Tenderize Powder should be use in relation to the weight of the meat. For example, you may need to use 1 tbsp. of Meat Tenderize powder per pound of meat. Poke the entire surface of meat gently with a fork. By doing this, the tenderizing powder will penetrate the meat, allowing the enzymes to break down more of the meat’s tough fibers. Cook your meat immediately for optimum taste and tenderness, according to your recipe.
Meat Tenderizer is the Final Solution of tendering any type of Meat as easiest and efficient way giving 100% result in a natural. After tenderizing, the Meat Tastes very good because spice goes up to inside. Temperature of water shouldn’t be more than 50-550C. Only 30 Minutes duration is enough to tenderize Meat.
Product Characteristics :

  • Product Composition Blend of essential enzymes
  • Occurrence Powder
  • Appearance Pale yellow to brown

Product Handling :

  • Enzymes are proteins. Inhalation of dust or aerosols may induce sensitization and may cause allergic reactions in sensitized individuals. The product may create easily inhaled aerosols if splashed or vigorously stirred.
  • Spilled product may dry out and create dust. Spilled material should be flushed away with water.
  • Avoid splashing. Left over material may dry out and create dust.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection. Contaminated cloths should be properly washed.

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